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Free Standing Waterer Image 001
 Free Standing Waterer Image 001


Free Standing Waterer on a concrete base
Model 730-10A

Nelson’s All Season Water Supply
Nelson Waterers’ continuous supply of fresh water (heated in winter) helps to prevent colic and frees you for other chores. Optional water consumption indicator lets you know when your horse is not drinking enough.

Stall Waterers: wall-mount
Model 730-10W
Waterer Image 002
Waterer Image 002
Thirty-Second Cleanup

Waterer Image 003Large access holes for water and electricity hookup are located in both the back and bottom of housing for installation flexibility. Model can be mounted in corner or along partition.

Additional options include mounting model 730-10 in concrete pipe or mounting model 730-24 on concrete pad in stall or between two stalls.

Waterer Image 004

Stall Waterers: floor-mount

Model 730-24

Medium capacity model with 24-inch high housing. Exclusive circular design prevents possible injury from protruding corners and allows livestock to drink from any direction. Designed to be mounted on concrete pad.
Waterer Image 004
Floor Mount Waterer

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