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55-gallon and
14-gallon fly
spray system

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Fly & Mosquito Spray Systems
Combat the insects and West Nile. Stablemaster carries automatic insect control systems manufactured by United Spray Systems. These systems provide safe, effective, around-the-clock fly, mosquito, and insect control. They utilize safe, man-made as well as natural insecticides, distributed through stainless steel atomizing nozzles for through distribution. A mechanical timer is easily adjusted to dispense insecticide at whatever time and duration needed up to 4 times per hour if necessary. The pump and timer sit atop either a 14 gallon, reservoir for use with up to 8 nozzles or a 55-gallon reservoir for use up to 55 nozzles.

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Spray Nozzle
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Worry Free Insect Control
Stablemaster’s automatic, fully adjustable insect control system allows you to set the frequency and duration of a finely atomized mist of safe, natural, EPA-approved insecticide. Suitable for either existing or new stalls, our labor-saving systems mount above stalls and aisles and include an ample 55-gallon drum, pump, timer, and 1/4-inch nylon tubing.

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